What Is Included In The Salvation Diet System

The Salvation Diet

Unlike most weight loss program, The Salvation Diet is quite a comprehensive program that compromises of different component  that helps you not only achieve your weight loss goal but also help you increase your energy level and become fit both physically, mentally and spiritually. The Salvation Diet provides you with an all round approach to dieting, exercise and living the healthy life that will support your goals and aspiration.

With a mission to help over a million believer’s across the globe come out of the curse of obesity and reclaim their God given body, Chris walker, takes you through his own struggle of obesity and how he found solution in his faith in God. The Salvation Diet is a biblical inspired program and designed specifically for Christians, however, you don’t need to be a Christian to get result from following the tips and techniques Chris laid out in the program, you just need an open heart and a willing mind.

What Does The Salvation Diet Contain and What is The Salvation Diet System?

What is The Salvation Diet System? The Salvation Diet System is the only biblical inspired step-by-step wight loss system designed to take you by the hand and guide you to the lean, beautiful body God intended for you. It provides you not only with biblical inspiration that will inspire you to take actions, but with proven techniques, right food and the right exercise to help you achieve measurable result in a reasonable time frame. When you Buy The Salvation Diet , you will be given access to a member area that contain all the component of the program. Here is an overview of what The Salvation Diet contain but before listen to an introduction from the author Chris Walker

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What The Salvation Diet System Contain

Module 1: Introduction – If you want to maximize The Salvation Diet, here is where to start. In this module Chris Walker shares his personal story, how he hit all time low with his weight, his attitude and his personal life. Here he present his story in a way that will inspire and educate you. You will learn the little daily changes he made that transformed his life and lead him to the discovery of The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?. This module also comes with one of Chris favorite technique, a game exercise called “I Believe in Myself” which helps prepare your mind for success.

Module 2: Daily Verse – One thing that makes The Salvation Diet stands out is the fact that it not only help you reclaim your God ordained body, shedding those extra but also help build your faith and daily walk with God. In module 2, you will have access to Daily Bible Verse that will help develop a solid foundation of Prayer and Gratitude in your life. It teaches you a secret that most people ignored. Following the principle outline in this module will help reshape your mind, body and soul.

Module 3: Rejuvenate – This is where it get interesting and intense. One of the important things covered in this session is the the role “Rest” places in a healthy, stronger and fit life. Here you will be introduced to The Sabbath Sleep Hacks. In this section Chris Walker teaches us some tips to improving our sleep which maximizes every other area of our lives. If you have been having trouble sleeping at night, this session will be most helpful to you.

Module 4: That’s Not Food – This is the dieting module. Here Chris shares with you the lies in modern dieting and how discovering The Salvation Diet changed his lifestyle. Here you will learn about nutrition, exercise and how to acquit yourself with the knowledge of your body. This module also introduces you to The Living Water, 7 Days of Creation Meal Plan, The Food Forgiveness Journal, Let Jesus Take the Grocery Cart and many more.

Module 5: Playtime – This module covers the importance of exercise. According to Chris, “90 percent of the way you look is based upon the food you put in your body. But it is still important to move your body as well, which in turn clears your mind. Lack of playtime is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity says a recent study.” This module contains a three-tier exercise system created by Chris Walker to suit any and all fitness levels.

Module 6: Serving Others – As you already know The Salvation Diet is a biblical inspired program, Chris services to all believers. So in this module you are going to learn the important of serving others, after-all you are here on earth for a purpose and you need your health to fulfill that purpose. In this module you will how setting a higher goal for yourself and not just a goal of becoming stronger and fitter and healthier for our own benefit is the key to getting amazing results. Also in this module is 101 Ways to Serve Others.

Module 7: Be Your Best Self – The Salvation Diet isn’t just about transforming your body and your health, it’s about taking your entire life to the next level. This module shows you exactly how to become your best self. When you have clutter in your house, it makes your home feel chaotic. But when you have clutter in your life, it effects absolutely everything. This module provide you with tips and techniques to simplify your life.

5 Day Detox – Here you will be introduced to The Cleansed By Christ 5-Day Detoxification Guide. The Cleansed By Christ 5-Day Detoxification Program is a simple-but-incredibly effective method to purge your body of the terrible toxins, poisons and pollutants corporations and the government have exposed you to since the day you were born. Simply by following this 5-day approach you’ll force the metals and chemicals you’ve absorbed into your body over the decades to flee from your body…leaving your flesh pure and perfect like it was when God created it as the vessel for your eternal soul.


When it comes to losing weight and reclaiming your God ordain body, one thing is very important. “Action” Nothing moves until you move. It’s not enough having the tips, techniques and resources that can transform your life, it’s not enough reading the bible verse everyday and getting motivated by them. To get result, you must put the knowledge to action. While The Salvation Diet provides you with all you need to create a new you, a more leaner, healthier and stronger you… it’s up to you to make the decision of embracing it.

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